“You are no longer my friend”, says my 3-year-old son. I asked him to go and sleep, and he is all moody, hollering and screaming. He is literally blackmailing me!
Now I’m thinking, this is a familiar scenario where else is this common.
Social media?
It seems like all people on social media were raised by one mother, From a three year old emotional blackmailing strategy, they never changed, did they?

It was so, even in biblical days,Matthew 11:16-17
16“But to what shall I liken this generation? It is like children sitting in the marketplaces and calling to their companions,
17and saying: ‘We played the flute for you, And you did not dance; We mourned to you, And you did not lament.’

Relationship constellations affects us all, we want approvals through views, comments and likes.Thus, the travesty of social media, what was supposed to lift me up , led me into social suicide and bondage.
The world wants me to post certain things about me and my thoughts. If I don’t, they will withdraw their approval and support and they are not joking. I see a decline in comments and likes. Isn’t it what they call emotional blackmail. But I have an assignment should I change to fit in or I ignore?Why am even being bribed, for views only?Isn’t it the proverbial Jacob-Esau soup deal?

“I don’t care, so long, I’m getting comments and likes”

My fellow sisters of color have bleached and destroyed their melanin just to be light in complexion, because their prospective husbands prefer them light skinned.

If she posts her naked body more comments and views ,but if she go with modest photos, they are a distaste to them. My question in all that, where is her personal power to decide what she wants and what she doesn’t.

How did I end up here? When and how did I surrender my personal power to them?
My head is aching, it seems I have to ask for permission from people to live and succeed in this world. Am I a vagabond that I don’t have a legal right to be here?

I have a plan, in fact,from today onwards, I will live by this mantra
“I don’t care” I will go ahead and do what I want,its time for me now! inspired by this verse
John 8:36
Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.

Until we are all free in Christ Jesus.


  1. 💜 Actively Listen to Children before Beating and Berating Them for Being ‘Cheeky’ EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that ‘Grown Ups’ Have No Idea EveryBody because They Have FORGOTTEN!!! what it MEANS!!! To Be a Kid and The Purity of THEIR!!! ChildLike State


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  2. But the Word says to honor your Mother and Father. It does not say to honor them only when they are right. Parents are not perfect but very accountable. Have mercy on Mom and Dad! They hurt too! I think you said a lot very well!

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  3. Yes it’s true we all have right to live freely as our wish but sometimes we can’t due to social pressure and of course if we go through this mantra” I don’t care”then may be our life will become more free and absolutely until we are free in God. Well written 😊👌🌹!

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  4. Any who look at the color of my skin, my eyes, the passing beauty of my body that works in service to others – – Any who only ‘like’ or ‘stand by me’ if only I do what they want, in the moment, even if I truly believe, such action will hurt them in the long run, or erode my inner connection to that which inspires me to be better, to act better? Well – sometimes, it’s a request for me to grow to the next level of ‘better’ – but often? It is simply the request of one who believes, their everyday life, which can be stripped from them in a heartbeat – illness, disaster, loss, material & political changes the average individual has little, if any control over or voice in, the conversation/changes made…. Thus, in pure survival mode? Often? I just remind myself – “Be in the world, but not of it.” – And I had a diverse spiritual upbringing, so I can’t rightly tell you if that is found in the bible or not – As an individual, I’m awe struck at what folks are ‘shoved into’ via their compliance, just to survive long enough to protect that which is priceless – their children, their community, the weak, the vulnerable, the honorable. That said, thank you for visiting me, so I could read your work, learn more about your perspective and the world you live in. No matter how much I learn, I find ever more, I still know nothing… :D. That’s definitely a philosopher quote from somewhere – – sometime…. 😀

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      1. Perhaps? I consider myself a sinner of the highest order given what those around me say – 😀 – I drink watered down wine, I smoke cigarettes, I cuss to relieve stress/make a point – :D.

        I do not claim to know if I’m a person of conviction, other than, I strive to do my best, everyday, to treat others as I wish to be treated and to learn more about the reality/history of others so I can better understand their actions/choices –

        I go end each day with a prayer of thanks for the ‘blessings received’, pour out my heart on the things I don’t understand, or am mad about, or am ready to go on my own ‘war over’ – :D.

        And then, each morning I wake up, I say, “Okey Dokey, I woke up breathing – what am I supposed to do today?” 😀

        the minute I spend more time trying to meet Human Made demands/systems and forget to keep my connection with the Divine running strong?

        Things go ugly fast –
        And always, the greatest losses of my life bestowed upon me the greatest gifts I have received…in my soul, that made staying here, meeting the needs and challenges, bearable.

        That said, ONE of my fave books for history and the inheritances of Imperialism, Colonialism and Missionary work? Is Eugene E. Nida’s work “On Customs & Culture” – I am a woman, and have suffered at the hands of patriarchal based systems, etc. and so, regarding the information you shared on the lightening of skin, the posting of pictures, etc., I just personally see so many ‘inheritances’ from past actions/decisions/systems of thought’ that continue to hurt and injure so many, still today – or threaten others with destruction, if they do not comply –

        The wheels of religion, justice, systemic change, grind ever so slow – as we each wake up, every day, and say, “Plan as if I have to face tomorrow, too, but could be gone before nightfall – so, what am I gonna DO, today??” – 😀

        Thanks for your kind reply – I don’t know if I’m your ‘kind of person” – I’m definitely VASTLY ignorant on what all challenges you face, in your place on earth – but – your words and many of your posts, made sense to me, and well – you did say you like history – and I do to – for it continues to repeat itself! 😀

        Thanks for you visit to my site – and horrible poetry while I ‘wrote’ to work through what needed to be done, and God said, “Um…your work to do – just do it and you’ll thank me later….” 😀


      2. Thank you for connecting with me I’m going to be looking out for new posts from you, on your blog.
        About the book Customs and Culture, i’m going look for that book.
        I have such a strong desire to know more about cultures and break free from any limiting ones, especially those we inherited without questioning them at a scholastic level or atleast tried on an academic debate level.
        I actually wrote something about toxic cultures.So hope it will help me out.

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  5. I infer from your blog that you will follow Jesus, which means there will be some constraint on your “I don’t care” statement. It is true that we must “not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.” So we do not care about that, but we must care about THEM, especially if they are separated from the Source of Life, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, a friend of sinners like you and me . . . and them. 😉

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    1. I love to engage with people like you,it means you went through the post 😂 l really care about people.The expression was only mean’t to draw the line about choosing to obey God or people. So the point is i will rather loose people’s approval and choose to obey God.Obedience is better than sacrifice…But i really really care only that part of Obeying God,Let it be known that my mind is set. Thank you so much for engaging, feel free to challenge me ,i really want to grow.Isn’t they say iron shapen iron?

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