The tone is in your fingers

Guitar gurus say,” Tone is in your fingers” You can buy the same guitar, effects pedals, and amplifiers that Eddie Van Halen uses. But when you play that rig, it’s still going to sound like you. Likewise, Eddie could plug into a crappy Strat/Pig nose setup at a pawn shop, and you’d still be able to recognize that it’s Eddie Van Halen playing. Fancy gear can help, but the truth is your tone comes from you.Let’s quickly refer to the Word of God before we go deeper.

1 Samuel 17:39-41 NIV
Then Saul dressed David in his own tunic. He put a coat of armor on him and a bronze helmet on his head.
David fastened on his sword over the tunic and tried walking around because he was not used to them. “I cannot go in these,” he said to Saul, “because I am not used to them.” So, he took them off.
Then he took his staff in his hand, chose five smooth stones from the stream, put them in the pouch of his shepherd’s bag and, with his sling in his hand, approached the Philistine.

It’s tempting for people to obsess over tools instead of what they’re going to do with those tools. You know the type; Designers who use an avalanche of funky typefaces and fancy Photoshop filters but don’t have anything to say.
Many amateur golfers think they need expensive clubs. But it’s the swing that matters, not the club. Give Tiger Woods a set of cheap clubs, and he will still destroy you. People use equipment as crutch. They don’t want to put hours on the driving range, so they spend a ton in the pro shop.

In Business, too many people obsess over tools, software tricks, fancy furniture, scaling issues, and fancy office space instead of what really matters. What really matters is how you are going to get customers and make money.

About bloggers, you also see us people who want to blog, podcast, or shoot videos for our business, we spend tons on fancy equipment, but if we have nothing to say….well, we have got nothing to say.

Finally, brethren, my point is let’s use what we already have or can afford cheaply, it’s not the gear that matters. The tone is in your fingers.
Shanah Tovah

Inspired by Rework, a Book by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried


    1. Yes yes my Pastor always says dont procastinate .First shoot then aim or adjust and shoot again.What you saying is true keep at your work clients,followers and/or readers will come as you perfect your game.
      So thank you for the conversation i learnt that where there is a vision there is pro-vision.

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  1. “It is said that Gainsborough, the artist, longed also to be a musician. He bought musical instruments of many kinds and tried to play them. He once heard a great violinist bringing ravishing music from his instrument. Gainsborough was charmed and thrown into transports of admiration. He bought the violin on which the master played so marvelously. He thought that if he had the wonderful instrument that he could play too. But he soon learned that the music was not in the violin, but was in the master who played it“. Quote from Mrs. Charles Cowman

    May He play the melody of His Life upon the broken instruments He has redeemed!

    Good word brother


    1. I like this quote.This is why envy and jealousy is rampant.People spend time practisirampant sleepless nights preparing then when they are at their prime we start envying them.
      We need this truth.Thank for the engagement it means a lot to me


  2. As my grandfather would say, “Preaching to the choir” – LOL Yes!! YES!!! Most of MY BUSINESS revolves around helping customers get really focused on a plan for which tools they need, which they don’t, and how to zero in on what they actually want to say/need to say – and wading through the fluff, answering their ‘worried questions’ and ‘staying the course’ OR introducing them to tools I believe are in line with their reality and their goals – – 😀 My tunic? um…my customers are my local community – so rather silly for me to show up in a business suit when they know durn well, most of the time, I’m in my work boots and jeans, right??? LOL


      1. Depends on how you view it – would have to write an entire blog post series to tell you about my grandfather – but he is still often, the person I hear in my mind – when I ponder things, when I read your posts/reply – when I ask questions, when I disagree – simply because, he was a preacher, a minister, a shepherd for a flock – but to him? It WASNT a Sunday gig to be played – NOR did he cling to archaic determinations of what Sabbath was, or what day it should fall on –

        Let me put that in context:
        My grandfather was a minister. His JOB, his calling, his reason for living in accordance with what he understood to be God’s will for him, was to care for his flock – Sunday was the sabbath – the day of rest – the day he WORKED on – Whether he was at the pulpit, or sat in a hospital, or at a morgue, or in a parishioners flooding/threatened by fire place.

        Nowadays? I’m surrounded by faithful, devout, fundamental to their core understandings of the old & new Testaments, who, all while they reach out to me, worry about my soul, worry that I’m not saved, or have leanings towards paganism because of my love and communion with, caring for all that God created that supports me even living – flora, fauna, humans who understand where I’m coming from and wish to do business with me

        Some argue the Sabbath is from sundown on Friday night till sundown on Saturday – others say it is sundown to sundown on Sunday –

        Some say I am making Mother Nature my ‘false god’ and others think it’s a testament to living out my commandment to go ‘forth, mulitply’ because I’m a child of Adam and was given dominion over lesser beings…

        Some worry about my sinner status of smokin’, drinkin’ and a cussing – all while they actively engage in the sins of greed and gluttony –

        My grandfather’s faith was a simple one, that most folks, today – I feel, forget.

        I know folks who preach the 10 commandments, but cheat on their taxes.

        I know folks who say gambling is a sin, but have no problem whatsoever telling me how I should invest in the stock market on this hedge fund/or this one, which, in the end, is also ‘placing a bet on the future’ – in hopes be rewarded with riches –

        My grandfather didn’t allow card playing in his house, at all – because cards were instruments of gambling – My mother and her siblings used to sneak out of the house down to the holler to play gin rummy (no betting, just playing cards) with the neighbor kids –

        Dominoes? That was okay – – just until my Dad came for a visit, with my mom, to the ‘home place’ and he came from an equally devout family (with it’s share of ministers in it, too!) that played cards for fun.

        Dad asked his future father in-law about ‘why no cards?” and after he heard the answer? My dad, drily responded, “Did you know they bet on dominoes, down in Texas?”

        But, when my grandfather came to visit and stay with us, and friends or neighbors, or my dad’s side of the family were there too? He’d have a wee dram poured into a juice glass of some beer, to have a ‘beer’ with my dad – he would get up and walk in the morning, read his bible, go for walks in the pasture, sit by and watch the card playing in the evening, go to church with my mom and us, OR stay home on Sunday, because we had work to do and would help with it .

        So, yes, I’m ‘adjusting’ or trying to find my way through the things in MY daily world, that if my grandfather were here, he most likely would be shocked and horrified on some fronts, just like I feel often.

        Compromise? Maybe – sometimes I dig my heels in on somethings, instead of understanding, ‘same battle to be fought, different face on how it appeared” – and I re-think how I’ll apply what I believe to be true –

        There’s more – but I’ve already “blogged” in your space, but you asked, and that’s the best answer I can give you at this time – BTW – I don’t buy diamonds, never have – false market and false overvaluing and the result has been, to me, much anguish, sorrow and evil in the places in the world where diamonds can be mined. 😀


      2. First of all you have to know from my own confession that dont feel bad about long replies, i enjoy blogging because of people like you,so don’t be limited when responding or replying here.I can read and I’m sure many are reading, don’t they say iron sharpen iron?Actually its from the bible proverbs i think!No one knows it all. Actually i learn a lot from you as much as i share stuff here i must confess so that you know that i’m grateful.So be free;anyway i have seen that you are a free character from the land of the free 😂😂😂 i admire that

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      3. Thank YOU!!! I read quite a bit at your blog, took an initial foray, then ramped it up with an “I disagree…’s why…” post to ‘test the waters” – Not a TEST for you – – just a test to see if me is a good fit for you! 8 billion folks on the planet and I still believe, at our core selves, no matter where we live, what our challenges are, what our beliefs are, if we only take a bit of time to get to know each other, about what we REALLY care about, overall? We have more in common than we have differences – BUT, it takes strength, and courage, and time, and respect and so many other things, to learn more, broaden our perspectives, gain insight into that which we, in our own lives, don’t always see, understand or fear as a threat, etc. To me? World Peace doesn’t happen nor does the evils in the world melt away, just because two heads of states and their minions meet and sign a treaty –

        It happens by each of us growing and understanding, when this or that or the other challenge/change comes down the pike, we immediately react with, “HEY! This is [great news/bad news] for someone I KNOW!

        And so – I read the news, I watch the social media feeds, the marketing trends, etc., but my focus? Always and forever? Is trying to connect with others – however I can – to build bridges and broaden my horizons/understanding – because? for me? When news comes out, or a law or something globally changes, or whatever? NOW I have a frame of reference and some CLUE about how it affects one or many – because? Now I know and I can’t unlearn it, ignore it because it ain’t convenient…etc.

        On the other hand? to me? One on one, one relationship at a time, we build and forge a network stronger than any army, any government, any marketing system, media outlet, etc.

        One relationship at a time. That’s all I have any control over – me and reaching out and leaving if I’m not their cup of tea, or hanging around to learn more – and that’s my confession – sounds manipulative, right?

        But to me? I look at what can I do today, just now, that might, make a difference? And then I just set about doing it, all with the hopes, I’m not leaving a path of destruction 5 miles wide behind me – LOL

        So – thank you for your reply – folks are allowed to ‘blog’ in my comments section, too! Would be rather hypocritical of me to not allow that, right?? 😀 I’m so pleased to have you in my ‘learn more/share/connect’ circle and well, to me? Nowhere for either of us to go forward with it, but from here… now… and see what plays out! 😀


      4. I want to respond about people who are surrounding you those “devout” I’m sure you have your own convictions and God is not surprised by them He can work with that/from there.God loves people of conviction like Paul.So God will direct those convictions and passions. Just ask Him, God what should i do?Sometimes as believers we burden each other with religious do s and don’ts woship on this day etc which bring people into bondage , Jesus Christ preached about the Kingdom of God which brings people into liberty and freedom through the HolySpirit. Though we dont take advantage of that freedom to sin.

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      5. Yes, Yes…welll….. LOL

        My #1 coping mechanism, to do the best I have with what I’ve got, with where I’m at, right now?

        Is just to wear the label of ‘sinner’ and proudly – so folks just are forewarned – they can decide, on their front, whether they consider my actions/daily life a sin or not – whether I’m redeemable or worth ‘expending the effort on’ or not – God knows my heart – can see what I’m doing 24/7 – I just sorta laugh to myself when I watch sociology and neurology and all kinds of scientific studies done, to support or advise against human systems of 24/7 surveillance, or intrusive software, or privacy issues – simply because, to me? It’s just so much less energy to just be who you are – and if you’re being a real arse? Well, pony up and pay your penalty and make atonement – It rather amazes me how many hoops folks jump through and how many resources of time and money and all is wasted on trying to make a ‘glossy, perfect’ outward appearance, all while the inner foundation is rotten to the core – and/or why folks only seem to desire the ‘appearance of perfection’ and all – To me? Tolerance and compassion and empathy do not grow, get better, in the human species, if folks only show their ‘best foot forward’ on superficial fronts – It only happens when folks say to another or many, “Here’s what I know about me that will most likely concern you – I may change that, I may not – but right now? You should know this right up front and then you can decide whether to pursue a friendship, business relationship etc., with me – no hard feelings either way – ” 😀 Thus, there are many devout folks around me that seriously, I’m sure I’m on the ‘prayer list’ for my wanton ways of being, based of their dogma/rules, on the other hand, they stick around and I learn more about their beliefs, their chosen theology and their understanding of scripture, values, etc. I just, in the end, decided it was a better use of my time/gifts/flaws bestowed upon me/within me, than trying to keep a double-life going, trying to keep some mirage going AND most folks have an inner BS detector anyways, even if they are ignoring it, because they think ONE person is their saving grace – – Not healthy or wise use of a human being on any front, to my mind…. sigh – lookie there! Yet another ‘must do blog post about this topic, at some point” and blogging in your comments section…. AGAIN! Thanks for understanding!


      6. Bookmarking THIS ONE!!! Love IT! Freedom and liberty are never free – caring for others is never free – gathering resources one has available to expend is never free – the only difference in accumulation and how it’s expended is on how it is got, how it is spent – and there, for me? In the details of “how” is where ALL of EVERYTHING, for ALL Of US, lies – – – 😀


      7. Perhaps you were wanting a very short ‘yes/no’ answer – in which, I already failed you – short answer? “I Don’t Know” – but, I needed to update my blog instead of just consuming/writing in the comments sections of others (thank you for not complaining about that fatal flaw in me, I’ve yet to over come!) and here ya go – further pondering done – on the topic – link from me – LOL that said, if your Job as a spiritual leader is to get folks to ponder, examine, themselves, then I think, personally, you’re doing a bang up job for this meandering sinner – in your efforts! 😀 had to bookmark another post, because, I have to ponder it, examine myself and pray on it a bit more – (and I say pray, to establish some sort of communication – to me? pondering/examining myself and waiting for the answers that are shown to me in the silence of communion is my ‘definition’ of praying – which, right there! proves yet again, I’m a sinner, with an ego a mile wide, in thinking I CAN define prayer – 😀 Here’s the link:


      8. Okay let me check the correct link, yes my approach is to cause my readers to ponder and think on their own.We are free moral agents we have free will so the best way is to lead people to think or how to think.Our Education system and socialization betrayed us because they taught us what to think not how to think🤔😂.So we have to be reeducated through the parables of Jesus Christ. Even before Jesus Christ ,the Greeks used to be educated in such a way as to cause people to develop their mental capacity to think.Im sure you about Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.So yeah my style is to help people to think

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      9. Yes! Such a huge difference between ‘teaching what to think” and teaching ‘how to think” – – 😀 Right there with you on that one!!! I get lost at a certain point, in philosopher studies, I dive deep enough just to understand how it relates to sociology – 😀 I like many phiolosophers, but to me? I just see it as another ‘step on the way’ to, “What is it now? How many steps back in time do I look to for reference? How many steps forward in time am I willing to play out in my mind?” – – Philosophers always take about 1000 more steps into fantasy land than I have patience for! LOL But sociologists? The ‘sweet spot’ for me on far enough in history, far enough in possible outcomes, and well, not a rock hard answer for ALL TIME! but, seems to work for now, until things change and so much easier to come up with a root way to look at things and adjust it as things change, I change, in nuance, gradations, than it is to waste all that time on earth trying to come up with root things that I HOPE, with my puny tiny perspective and mind, will be the ‘end all” – thus, the only Philosophy of my personal inner world, that hasn’t changed, doesn’t change, overall – is, “I was born, I will live, then I will die. All that matters, really, is what I do in the time in between, and what I spent on energy to leave behind me.”


      10. Sigh – for the love of all that is holy – one thing I wish was here? was the ability to delete/modify my comment – WRONG link Shared for what I wrote, today! (link to another long ago post I referred to in today’s post – sigh – I’m fighting off cold/flu and obviously! not at my best!! LOL) is the correct link with further ponderings on the ‘100% grandfather/adjusting/compromising question you posed” – Sorry and not blatant self promotion – sigh – just me being in a hurry or not double checking before ‘hitting send’ – sigh – sigh – sigh


      11. Depends upon what you consider ‘medication’ – LOL – First ‘um…uh-oh! This is not just nasal congestion from fall pollen/smoke haze in skies” I was in the kitchen pulling out essential oils, spices, herbs, etc., and lining up food to cook, and some over-the-counter concetrations of vitamin B complex and Vitamin C – oils chosen for rubs, feet/hands were chock full of vitamins A, E, and K – essential oils chosen for anti-bacterial, anti-fungul, immunity building support – LOL self care every hour in form of coffee laced with spices or tea from herbs, foot/hand rubs, small amounts of food every hour…more in the crockpot – – LOL – – Today? Still not 100%, BUT YAY! managed to stop the progression of symptoms by Saturday afternoon, continued protocals on Sunday and rested, and woke up today feeling better and worked from 4am up until an hour or so ago, to take a break, and figure out just how I’m going to build out an online store categories for a customer – my mind working on that thingee, while I answer replies/comments here – 😀 But 6+ hours in and feel like I’m “ramping up” instead of dog tired, miserable and ready for a nap – so set my timer so I don’t over do this first day!! Always, ALWAYS my flaw/enemy – “Feel Good! Work to make up lost hours, have setback…” Trying to get better at not doing ‘that….” LOL

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      12. Stopped it from progressing on Saturday – felt really good yesterday and then ‘overdid’ while I was working – so dialing it back on hours/and setting my timer to remember to do continuing self-care! Sticking close to home, cuz unknown what it is, and don’t want to expose others, but I’m just plugging along and working! Thanks for checking in! How goes things for you?

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      13. Oooh okay i wish you a speed recovery mate. its wise to stay at home whilist recovering.It is well with you.On my side we are doing well and finally we are going back to meeting physically at church.So im full of joy.

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